Fine Particle Local Scrubber


  1. It is suitable for the exhaust with particles, such as the CVD process of semiconductor industry, SiOx, G-SiN, a-Si, N+a-Si and P-SiN. Hydraulic film chemical vapor deposition can improve the scrubber and tube obstruction problem due to the SiH4 decomposed into SiO2 by high temperature. It is also suitable for Dry Etching and PSS or the other Cl2 and BCl3 abatement.
  2. The adsorptive liquid is city water, and we use the VORTEX technology in this equipment, so there are no chemical is in need. It is a environmental friendly design.
  3. There are many users including GW-SEMI, EPI, RGT, TAIWAN PEC, etc. The removal efficiency of the exhaust with SiH4、TEOS、BCl3 is very good.
  4. The removal efficiency of exhaust with ≦1μm fine particles is ≧99%.
  5. Applications: IC semiconductor industry, TFT-LCD industry, LED industry, etc.

Silica clogging at a wet scrubber drain