High Temperature (Catalyst) Oxidative System


  1. It is suitable for high temperature decomposition treatment of local exhaust (including SiH4), such as CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) processes in semiconductor industry, including thin film chemical vapor deposition such as SiOx, G-SiN, a-Si, N+a-Si and P-SiN etc., PE CVD processes in the TFT-LCD industry and the germanium-based solar cell industry, and local exhaust gas abatement equipment for passive component PVD processes.
  2. If the composition of local exhaust is SiH4 only, and the SiH4 can be decomposed by electro thermal.
  3. If there are other reaction gases (such as NH3, N2O, NOx, VOC, Odor, etc.), it can be treated by high temperature catalyst. The high temperature catalyst oxidative local scrubber can solve the problem for solidified things (such as SiO2, etc.), heavy metals, sulfides, and oil droplets which would block the catalyst or reduce the life of the catalyst. We have total solutions, such as water scrubbing, pretreatment agent, natsulfur catalyst and catalyst regeneration technology.。
  4. There are many users of this technology, including Phycomp, YAGEO, FSE, etc.
  5. Aplications: IC semiconductor industry (Sub- micron and nanometer process), TFT-LCD industry, LED industry and passive component industry.