HF Wet Scrubber System


  1. It is the wet scrubbing treatment system which is suitable for high/medium concentration special exhaust (HF, etc.)
  2. The specific surface area of pyramid-shaped  structure packing is bigger (≧128 m2/m3). Compare with the traditional Raschig rings packing, the pyramid-shaped structure packing can reduce the liquid-gas ratio and raise the abatement efficiency of wet scrubber.
  3. For hydrophilic inorganic acid/basic substance, the wet film absorption technology can achieve very good abatement efficiency even the concentration of exhaust is low.
  4. The abatement efficiency of HF exhaust is more than or equals to 99%.
  5. The equipment is operating in saving consumption model (NaOH), it can reduce the chemicals consumption.
  6. The application of this technology is including IC semiconductor industry Optoelectronics industry (Plate Slimming Process), solar battery industry, etc. AUO have been used this technology to treat the HF exhaust many years ago, and the abatement efficiency is more than or equal to 99%.