Symposium on Bio-Carbon&Regeneration of High Tech Fab Wastes

Our General Manager-Jacky Kao have been invited to be a lecturer on Symposium on Bio-Carbon and Regeneration of High Tech Fab Wastes   2019 by SEMI High-Tech Facility Committee of SEMICON TAIWAN.

The topic is “The Design of High Performance Exhaust Gas Treatment System​”​


​1. Outline-Traditional vs Innovative exhaust gas treatment technology.

  1. Airborne molecular contaminant control technology of MAU-Traditional wet film vs Innovative hydraulic thin film technology.
  2. VOC's micro-contamination control technology of cleaning room-Traditional chemical filter vs High concentration ratio Zeolite honeyrotor system.
  3. High boiling point VOCs control technology-Traditional condenser vs Innovative deep filtration filter.
  4. Wet scrubber system control technology-Traditional dump packing vs Innovative structure packing and mist eliminator.
  5. VOCs zeolite rotor system-Traditional zeolite rotor+RTO vs high concentration ratio zeolite honeyrotor+CTO.
  6. Halogen-containing VOCs control technology-Traditional activated carbon adsorption tower vs VOCs fluidized bed concentrator+Recuperative thermal oxidizer system(including mineralized catalyst-like halogen-containing VOCs)
  7. Acid fume collection system-Traditional wet scrubber vs Venturi-like+deep filtration filter.